Equipment & Endorsements


Fender Jazz | USA 1975 (4-string fretted, maple board)
Fender Precison | Japan 2008 – 1970 re-issue (4-string fretted, rosewood board)
Guild B-301F | 1978 (4-string fretless, currently with LaBella nylon tape strings)
Teisco Silvertone | Japan late-sixties medium scale (4-string fretted, flatwound strings)
Double Bass (3/4 size with innovation strings and Fishman pickup)

Ashdown CTM 100 all-valve head
Ashdown Little Bastard 30 all-valve head
Ashdown ABM 500 RC EVOIII head
Ashdown (bespoke) 2×10″ cabinet w/Sica drivers
Ashdown (bespoke) 1×15″ cabinet w/Sica driver
Ashdown ABM 410H cabinet
Mark Bass Mini CMD 121p combo
Ashdown EVOIII 300 head
Traynor vintage all-valve head
Ampeg B15 cabinet

Ashdown LoMenzo Hyper Drive
Ashdown Octave Plus
Ashdown Envelope Filter
Ashdown Graphic DI
Boss Tuner
Boss Octave
Boss Bass Chorus
Line 6 Dr. Distorto
Danelectro Fabtone fuzz

Rode NT1
Electrovoice RE20

For endorsement enquiries, please contact:





















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